Visible Light

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Light comes in many different, vast colors of the rainbow. This mini rainbow bounces off an object into our eyes which helps us see in the daytime. Without it, we would all be blind. This visible spectrum also may help us see colors and shapes that we normally might not see. It is also known that animals can see certain parts of color spectrum's that we humans can't see. An example of this is UV lights. Animals can see UV lights, whereas humans can not see UV lights at all.

In one article in articular, it discuses about how UV lights are made and how light is yet another form of radiation to us humans. This radiation is not particularly harmful to us. In other words we may not be able to see the light but as stated before, many other animals can. In which the article provides the example of insects and how a large portion of the insect kingdom can see the light which we humans cannot. One reason that we cannot see the light is because the wavelength of one light wave is too long for the human eye to see. But not too hard for our modern day technology, which can break down and find all the things that cannot met the human eye.

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What is visible light?

The visible light wave is the only part of the electromagnetic spectrum that our eyes can see.