Chromebook Challenge

ECI 519 - Fall 2015

Let's get our Chrome on!

This year we have added two chromebook carts to Franklinton High School. The new carts will provide access to technology in the classroom. We need to start working and getting you more comfortable with our technology!

Outside your door, I have placed a blank Chromebook with 18 spots for your 'badges'! Each week, I will post a new challenge and the opportunity to earn a badge to place on your chromebook. The 'Technology Challenges' represent the number of weeks we have in the spring semester. Working on a new skill each week will assure that you are fully prepared to use the amazing technology we have at Franklinton High School!

You do not have to complete the challenge that week - you have the flexibility to complete the challenge(s) on your own time. You will have TWO WEEKS to complete each challenge. The best part is that YOU are able to decide on your professional development. Completion of the challenge will earn you a badge on your chromebook for the entire school to see!

In addition to badges, we will be offering CEUs for the completion of the challenges as well as some prizes and giveaways along the way!

I look forward to seeing all of the creative and engaging lessons you will create through your professional growth.

Let the challenge begin...

Week 1: Chromebook Procedures

January 25th - January 29th

ONE Challenge a week

Each challenge will be open for 2 weeks

Technology Challenges!

Spring Semester - The Chromebook Challenge

BONUS BADGE! How to use Google Keep!

This is a web tool that you will LOVE! Easy instructions to get you set up with GOOGLE KEEP!

Teacher Badges

You will recieve one 'Chromebook Challenge Badge Sheet' that will be placed outside of your classroom door. As you complete each challenge, you will receive a sticker! Collect them all and have a chance to win a BIG prize!

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