March 2014

Caption This!

ASCUI is hosting another social media contest called Caption This!

This contest will be held on ASCUI's Facebook.

Every week, starting in February, ASCUI will be posting Marty's Photo of the Week as a way to get everyone excited for ASCUI's 5K Annual Eagle Run in COLOR.


1. Post your caption as a comment for Marty’s Photo of the Week.

2. Like your favorite captions.

3. The comment with the most likes, wins for that week.

*There is only one winner per week

Find out more about this contest through ASCUI social media!

Past Winners: Nicole Salimbeni, Heather Lansford, and Jamie Rivera!

ASCUI Executive Board 2014-2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day

CUI's 5k Annual Eagle Run in COLOR

March 22, 2014 at 8:00am!!!

The 5k Eagle Run started five years ago in an effort to unite the Concordia Family and Orange County community to raise funds and awareness for organizations in our eagle family. This year, ASCUI decided to add a fun aspect to the run by adding Color! ASCUI also decided that this year's proceeds will benefit the Around-the-World Semester® III.

$10- CUI Students

$20- Non-Students

Register during lunch, online, or the morning of the event!

Parking Committee

Gianna Kozel

— Plausible ideas from other schools

— Charging resident (and possibly commuter) students to receive a parking permit to reduce number of cars and promote carpooling.

— Hiring a parking service during the busiest weeks of the semester to double park cars in certain lots and increase lot capacity.

— Rent space in an off-campus lot and provide a trolley service to campus for the staff that arrives and leaves at a fixed time every day. (ex: Aramark workers, Bon Appetit staff)

— East Lot Complaints

— Common complaints about parking in the East Lot:

Spaces too narrow

Hard to get into/out of spaces

Not enough lighting

Not enough Campus Safety patrol

— Parking spaces in the East Lot (Egypt)

— One paint line striper costs $75.00.

The aerosol spray paint cans come in packs of twelve that would cost around $59.00 per pack.

Each can sprays 140 feet.

— Possible difficulties

Removing old lines

Emptying parking lot during repainting

— It is feasible that Concordia maintenance workers could repaint the lines if the school provided the supplies and dimensions needed.

— Angled Space Options

— While repainting these lines would make access safer and easier, with the East Lot’s dimensions and dividers, angling the spaces would likely lower the number of spots.

— Light Fixture Possibilities

— High Pressure Sodium Parking Lot Light Fixture


15-30 Tall

Golden, amber-white light color

— 26 Watt LED Pole Mount Area Light


15-30 feet tall

Cool white light color

LED uses less energy, so costs less to maintain, and lasts longer.

Recycling Committee

Braden Delannoy, Erika Boychenko, Keegan Maag and Maxwell Redekker

Why should we recycle?

Being good stewards of the world as well as our campus

Helping our generation and generations to come

Concordia University Irvine is growing year by year and environmental awareness logically follows growth

Recycling is becoming a norm across the country, including college campuses

Dream Machine is already in use

Continuing the trend

What can recycling do?

Recycling one aluminum can saves the equivalent energy of operating a television set for 3 hours and recycling two aluminum cans saves the equivalent of powering a PC for one workday.

If the aluminum cans thrown away in the United States in a recent year had been recycled, it would have saved enough energy to generate electricity for 2.7 million homes for that year.


Who will recycle?

Many students have shown interest in making this happen.

Recycle every week or 2 weeks

4 options for the recycling process

Maintenance/Aramark complete

Having University Services complete

Partnership with existing student group (HOLOS House) and University Services

Establishing a club

Short Term Goals

To raise awareness of the need for recycling

Door decs, presence, Earth Day celebration

Place 1 recycle container for every outdoor trashcan

40 outdoor trashcans

15 “essential”

Long Term Goals

Place 1 Recycling Dumpster for every dumpster areas

3 dumpster areas

Place recycle cans in all classrooms and offices

Including Student Union, Eagle Lounge, Gymnasium, Theater, Library, Emendare, CU Center, Good Shepherd Chapel

Athletic Facilities (ie. Baseball field, Lacrosse field, Softball field, Soccer field/Track

Possibly Residence Halls if trashcans are placed in there as well

Phases of Recycling

Phase 1

Raise awareness through prevalence on campus as well as “blue” bins that stand out

Test recycling program with 15 “essential” recycle containers around campus

Phase 2

Expand to all 40 containers for all trash cans

Phase 3

Expand campus-wide (long-term)

Associated Students of Concordia University, Irvine (ASCUI)

"That is why we labor and strive, because we have put our hope in the living God, who is the Savior of all people, and especially of those who believe...Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity." 1 Timothy 4:10,12

Our Mission: The Associated Students of Concordia University Irvine (ASCUI), guided by the Great Commission of Jesus Christ, exists to express the student voice to the administration in the realms of student affairs, policies, and administrative decisions.

Core Value Statement: The Executive Board of ASCUI aims to serve the student body through advocacy to higher Administration. We will work interdependently with other departments on campus to holistically serve the students. With accountability, our goal is to develop wise, honorable, and cultivated citizens through all student leaders with dedication and integrity.