The Nurse

A person should not conform to other people

Act 1 Scene 3

When Lady Capulet told Juliet about Paris for the first time the Nurse said, "A man, young lady! lady, such a man as all the world-why hes a man of wax."(Shakespeare 1007). The Nurse was talking to Juliet telling her how great Paris is and how she should marry him even though she has never actually met Paris. She is only saying that because Lady Capulet said that so the Nurse is just agreeing with her.

Act 2 scene 4

Romeo gave the nurse the news of where the wedding will be held at, "Good heart, and I' faith I will tell her as much. Lord, Lord! She will be a joyful woman" (Shakespeare 1039). The Nurse was talking to Romeo saying how happy Juliet will be when she hears the news of when and where the wedding will be when she was just telling Juliet to marry Paris.

Act 3 scene 5

When Juliet was upset that she was being forced into marrying Paris the Nurse said, "Romeo is banisht; and all the world to nothing." (Shakespeare 1070). The nurse was telling Juliet to forget about Romeo because her parents want her to marry Juliet and Romeo is banished so she should just forget about him when she was just being a messenger for her with Romeo for the wedding preparations. The Nurse is just agreeing with her bosses, the Capulets, its like she cant decide whos side she wants to be on.

Act 5 scene 3

After Paris watched Romeo break into the Capulets family tomb he said, "...that murdered my love's cousin-with which grief it is supposed the fair creature died." (Shakespeare 1093). Paris is conforming to the way the Capulets and Monotagues have a rivalry and because he was about to become a Capulet he tried to kill Romeo even though he didn't have any problems with Romeo which resulted in his death.
Sara Patterson

Mrs. Urbina

Adv. English 1

10 December 2014