News Around the Clinic - June 2019

Therapediatrics is Joining C.I.T.Y. of Support's Graduation Celebration

Therapediatrics is excited to be sponsoring a team for C.I.T.Y of Support's Graduation Ceremony. This is going to be an amazing event to celebrate the achievements that every child makes on a daily basis. If you are a current or former client of Therapediatrics sign up for our team so we can celebrate this achievements together!

From C.I.T.Y. of Support:
Maybe your child has graduated from a particular form of therapy; maybe he has graduated from a difficult therapeutic goal; maybe she is no longer requiring a piece of medical equipment; maybe he has graduated from potty training; or maybe she has graduated from a challenging year in school. Regardless of the accomplishment, this celebration will put the focus on our amazing children and their successes during this fun, family-friendly (yes, siblings welcome!), interactive event.

We have reserved a large, indoor space at the Buehler YMCA in Palatine (the largest YMCA in Chicagoland) with its own climbing structure and enclosed imaginative play area. Access to this engaging play environment, a personalized medal celebrating your child's achievement, and a performance stage with live music concerts and graduation ceremonies will all be included at NO COST for families.

We are also hosting several featured, bonus stations including an arts/crafts table, balloon creations, face-painting, cotton candy treats, & a make-your-own trail mix bar (all activities included with the purchase of an all-access wristband for $5 per person). Wristbands are available for purchase ahead of time through this website or at the event.

To share in the excitement, several local clinics have partnered with C.I.T.Y. of Support to sponsor a TEAM. When registering, make sure to sign up for the correct team, if applicable, as we want to acknowledge these specific clinics and their patients' achievements together.…

Partners at the Clinic

Therapediatrics is now partnering with Feed to Succeed and Transcend to provide more services to our families at the clinic and the community.Feed to Succeed is an amazing group of dietitians with a clinic in Glenview. These pediatric nutrition experts are amazing at what they do and have helped many families who were struggling to meet their children’s nutritional needs. After presenting at the clinic and treating some of our staff and client’s children, we at Therapediatrics were so impressed that we asked Feed to Succeed to partner with us to bring their exceptional talent up north where more families could access their services.

Feed to Succeed works with a whole range of issues including general healthy eating, picky eaters, poor growth, preemies, kidney disease, sports nutrition, childhood cancers, type 1 diabetes, cystic fibrosis, food allergy, Celiac disease in children, other GI disorders including IBS, reflux and Crohn’s disease, obesity, and many more.

Feed to Succeed will be coming to our clinic in Vernon Hills monthly starting April 19th. There are currently three slots that are still open for any families that would like to schedule an appointment. If you would like to make an appointment contact Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666.

Transcend Orthotics - Partners with Therapediatrics

When it comes to pediatric orthotics, Transcend’s certified clinicians have extensive experience working with children. We will evaluate, design, and provide the most appropriate orthotic device. With products like the SMO, AFO, DCO, Cranial Helmet, and many more, we are able to find the best solution to assist each child with a wide range of mobility challenges.

Cranial Remodeling Helmets – All infants have a flexible skull. Because of this, flat spots or an abnormal shape may form, causing long term complications with visual and auditory development. A cranial helmet is designed to gently and painlessly guide the skull into a healthier shape. Transcend’s clinicians are there every step of the way to monitor your child’s cranial development and determine, through a scan, if a remolding helmet would be beneficial.

Call Therapediatrics at 847-996-6666 to schedule an appointment with Transcend for pediatric orthotics or cranial helmets for your child.

Therapediatrics is going to be a drop off site for this amazing opportunity to repurpose toys and therapeutic items like weighted blankets and other therapy items for charity. We will be collecting gently used toys, games, and any therapeutic items. Items can be dropped off anytime during office hours until July 12.

Get to know our staff: Registered Dietician Melanie Battaglia

Melanie Battaglia is a registered dietitian and sports nutrition enthusiast. Melanie completed her Masters in clinical nutrition at Rush University Medical Center. A former college athlete, she has first hand experience advising and living out the importance of diet on athletic performance. Melanie has been part of Feed to Succeed for over five years, as she shadowed and trained with Betsy Hjelmgren as a student for two years before completing her dietitian training and licensing. She provides one-on-one counseling, as well as seminars for sports clubs. Melanie spends her free time cooking and training for triathlons.

Adolescent nutrition (tweens and teens)
Group presentations
Picky eating
Sports nutrition
Sports team talks
Weight management

Ask a Therapist

We are starting a new feature in June called as a therapist. If you contact us via our website or on facebook with a question related to Occupational, Speech, Phyiscal, or Behavioral Health Therapy we will answer them on a weekly basis on Wednesdays. If you would like your question to be posted anonymously just let us know in the beginning of your questions. Questions can come from the community as well so if you know someone that would like a question answered by our experienced clinicians send them our way. Answers will be posted on Wednesdays across social media and on our webpage.