Cougar News

Feb. 3-7

Cougar News

  • Progress Reports went home last Wed.
  • This Wed. 2/5 is an early release day. School will dismissed at 1:30

Cougar Science

  • Types of Rocks Notes


  • Rock Cycle Notes


  • Rock Lab


  • Mineral Notes


  • Geology Vocabulary Test

Here are all the study resources for Geology!

Cougar E.L.A.

All students received a new vocabulary list today. All students will have a test over these words on Tuesday, February 11. We will not have after school tutoring this Wednesday due to our early release schedule.

Cougar Math

Regular and Advance will be taking a test over Probability tomorrow. Review keys will be posted on Edmodo so all can check their work. Please check with your child to see that their review is complete tonight before they come to school on Tuesday.

Cougar Social Studies

We will be covering Ancient Egypt this week. We will have a quiz over Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt on Friday.