FOSS Science Kits

When returning a science kit..

We love our MASK/FOSS Science Kit teachers! Because of that we ask you for the following: Lately we have had MANY items missing, lost, or broken. HELP! Our kit replenishment time is very limited as is our access to replenishers. If it takes them time to track items down that are NOT in the kits that is $$$. One of the BEST things about a science kit center is it DOES save money and it DOES allow for regular and scheduled science education to take place in the classroom. We think we have the very best science kit use region in the state, help us do the very best for you & your students with your science kit replenishment. We need you.


  1. Using a science kit center is a GREEN thing to do and sustainable and promotes science education in the K8 classroom
  2. Your school saves the expense of purchasing entire kits and the personel to replenish are grouped in our region. Another $$ saving component.
  3. Checking your classroom for items that were left out of the kit bins helps us tremendously; we don't have to call, e-mail, or bother the teacher.
  4. Clean items up, have students help and clean up the messy kits. This really saves us time. We know this is not always possible but many times there are willing students who want to help. Ask your class to help and assist you, and make this part of your science time.
  5. Return items in the SAME bin they came in, that helps a ton.
  6. Every step you take in the classroom BEFORE we pick up your BIN for return is savings we can all appreciate. You are our critical partner!
  7. Please take time to make sure your returned kit is complete and clean.
  8. We value you, your students and the importance of good science education taking place in your classroom. Your help is appreciated every step of the way. You are the best teachers that a kit center could ever ask for. . .