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You're Not Alone

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The staff here at Eternal Rest Funeral Home is here to guide you through this difficult time and the loss of your loved one.

Our Serivces

We can help you make the difficult choice of having a Traditional Service or A Cremation Service. No matter which Service you choose we are here to guide you through all of the decisions.

Traditional Service- Many decisions will need to be made from what to dress your loved one in, what type of casket you wish to purchase and if you wish to have an open or closed casket.

Cremation Service- For a family grieving the loss of a loved one, decisions can be overwhelming. Cremation services are simple and require fewer decisions. They also cost less than you traditional service freeing the family of unnecessary financial burdens.


Once you have decided on they type of service you are most comfortable with we will assist with setting up a private gathering for close family, visitation for family and friends, funeral services and the graveside service.

Where should you bury your loved one? This is a question many of us are unsure about and we are here to help you with this decision. We will discuss the options of a mausoleum or in the ground burial and choosing the location that you would like your loved ones final resting spot.

Let Us Personalize Your Funeral

We will also help you write a personalized obituary, pick flowers and scriptures from religious book that were meaningful to your loved one and help you choose personal items and photos to display at the service. You may choose to have a personalized Eulogy to share achievements accomplished, special memories and passions of the person who has passed. For further details on personalizing your service please go to the link provided below.

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We will transport the casket to the final resting spot in our of our five hearses. We will also provide limo service from the funeral home to the cemetery for the close family.

Grieving After Death

Grieving after death is a normal process that everyone goes through. We offer counseling services with our pastor to assist you with this grieving process. Understanding the grieving process is the first step. If after reading the link below you still need help with bereavement please feel give us a call and we will schedule an appointment with the pastor.

(Library - Twelve Insights into Grieving After the Death of Your Loved One - Dignity Memorial)

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