This is for cake.

(jk its for MY GEEKEND!)

My Geekend is Weird.

My geekend is special i do loads of crazy stuff like kill zombies on Call of Duty to try and fix my wifi. Here are some examples of what I do on my geekend.

One of the mains thing i do over the weekend is play on my Xbox 360.

I know this sounds geeky, but i LOVE to play my xbox because i can talk mand interact with friends from other countries and my mates at school. It is a somewhat easier way of being able to play with someone no matter where they are or what they're doing.
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An example of what i do is....

PLAY BOPS 2 (or black ops 2) pretty much me and some friends run around, pick up weapons and shoot other players or zombies. It's fun either way, and it invloves alot of random screaming nonsense.
Black Ops 2 Nuketown Hidden Song Clean Recording by Throwing Sticky

I know this might sound weird as well, BUT THE NEWS THOUGH!

I like to rea the news. and i know this is odd but i findsome of the contents in the dailymail to be outright hilarious. I use it as a pass time. It isnt so bad either to know what is going on in the world.

And....... THATS IT!

Thanks for reading and i hope you actually use the links. Stay cool my friends.