alex vansickle's

different types of electricity for 4th graders

circuit electricity

to make "circuit electricity" you need circuit wires of course,batteries,light bulbs [tiny ones]. to make it work you and your friends need to hold the circuit wires to the battery and need to hold them to the light bulb but have one wire to the silver part of the light bulb and have the other wire touching the black part at the bottom of the light bulb.then it's done.

circuit electricity "simple switch"

how to make a simple switch

today I would like to show you how to make a simple switch. you need every thing I said in the last section, and new parts: an index card,brass brads,and a paper clip. do the same from the last time,but put the brads into the index cards unfold the bottoms on the brads then tape them down,put the paper clip onto on of the brads shut the paper clip then it should work. and you can show anyone, or do it with them.