March 7th 2019

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Upcoming Events:

  • Parent Coffee - Friday, March 8th at 9:15 am - Join us in the Treehouse for coffee, treats, and great conversation. Younger children are welcome to attend with you!
  • Dine to Donate - Monday, March 11th between 4:00 pm and 8:00 pm - We welcome you to join us at Chipotle in Chanhassen. JMS receives 33% of the proceeds if you mention Jonathan Montessori School. We hope to see you there!
  • Open House - Saturday, March 16th from 10:00 am - 11:30 am. Help us spread the word by inviting neighbors and friends to attend our open house event.
  • Open House - Thursday, April 4th from 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm.
  • JMS Community Cultural Potluck - Saturday, April 6th 10:30 am - 12:30 pm at the Chaska Community Center Sign-Up Here
  • JMS Annual Garage Sale - Saturday, April 28th

Garage Sale Coordinator(s)

If you are a garage sale fan this may be the perfect way for you to get involved. The Jonathan Association in Chaska hosts an annual neighborhood garage sale that JMS participates in. We open our doors to the public and get rid of those old lamps, clothes that the children have outgrown, and toys that light up and make noise...the ones stuck in a box in the basement :) Please email the office if you are interested in getting involved in this event.

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Cultural Potluck

We invite you to join us for our Annual Community Cultural Potluck at the Chaska Community Center!

Saturday, April 6th from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

This is a great opportunity for our JMS families to come together for a potluck lunch as well as children's activities like face painting, an interactive STEM presentation, and an introduction to Karate class!

Families are encouraged to bring a favorite dish that represents their culture or is one they simply enjoy.

JMS Library

We are so excited to be opening our new JMS library in the coming days! A huge thank you to our JMS families who donated shelves and bins to make out library space look beautiful and inviting to the children.

The older children will be able to check out books to keep at school (to read to themselves or to a small group of friends!). The Casas will also be checking out books weekly to keep in our Casa book corners. Our Kindergartners will be helping us manage the library as they will be recording what books they check out and helping us organize books as they are returned to the library. It's a big job! We ask that the books from the JMS library remain at school.

We are so excited to have our selection of books more readily available for the children to use while at school and have plans for a Little Free Library for families to have books to share and take home in our future.

Parent Resources

Getting Ready to Leave - From Montessori Services

Whether leaving home for a day at school or for a week at Grandma's, children can learn how to get themselves ready. Knowing how to perform the tasks of daily living is essential for children to become responsible and independent. As your child grows, your life as a parent will become easier and easier if you refrain from doing too much of what children can do for themselves.

Teaching Independence

Parents can be successful at teaching their children to be independent, within the parameters of what's appropriate for a child's age and abilities. Most parents struggle to not take over for their child. Depending on the situation and age of your child, you may decide to first "rescue and warn" a few times.

We've all heard the term "helicopter parent." I define this as parents doing for a child what he is perfectly capable of doing for himself, and often stepping in to correct or speak for a child. Wikipedia says that a helicopter parent is "a parent who pays extremely close attention to a child's experiences and problems.... Helicopter parents are so named because, like helicopters, they 'hover overhead,' overseeing every aspect of their child's life constantly." It's difficult for a child to become self-reliant in such a situation.

Tasks to Learn through the Ages

At a young age, a child can learn to pack his or her backpack for school. Initially, parents help by talking with their child about what he or she would need while they showed the child how to stow each item. When the child can do this by themselves, the parents can check that nothing was forgotten.

Allowing a child to pack for school takes a bit of organization and planning. Parents set the routine and play a significant part in making the household function. For example, they might prepare their child's lunch and have it ready for him to retrieve from the kitchen counter. Finding a consistent place for everything makes locating jackets, coats, backpacks, boots, etc. that much easier. This is what Maria Montessori called a "prepared environment." One parent I know posts the weather forecast on the kitchen blackboard daily so everyone can bring whatever the weather requires. She said this keeps her from nagging.

Keep Calm and Carry On

No matter how you teach children to be independent, keep your cool. We all have bad days, and if your child appears to be terribly anxious or on the verge of a "melt-down," step in and help find the lost shoe. Don't give your child more responsibility than they can handle—consider the age and temperament and most importantly, what works best for both of you. Children will give you signals if something needs to be changed or re-considered.

Getting ready to leave is often a group effort, whether for a day at work, school, or for the next life adventure. With thoughtful planning and practice, we can all be prepared and ready to go.

—by Jane M. Jacobs, M.A., Montessori Educational Consultant at Montessori Services. She is a trained primary Montessori directress and also a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has taught children aged 2 to 7 years in Montessori schools, Headstart, and also in a preschool for children with developmental challenges. In her counseling practice, she helps individuals, couples, and families

Emergencies + Late Pick-Ups:

If you are a family who picks up after 3:30 and cannot get a hold of anyone using the 952-448-5232 school telephone number, please call or text Emily Leskee at 605-496-4929 to inform staff of emergencies or late pickups.

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