Tim Green

Cayson Shipp

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Tim Green was born on December 16 1963. He is a former professional football player. He played linebacker for the Atlanta falcons. He is now a sports author for kids books. Tim went to Syracuse University College of Law and graduated from there in 1994. In the 1986 draft Tim green was selected 17th overall to the Atlanta falcons. He now writes books such as Football Genus, Football Hero's, Rivals, Deep Zone, Home Run, Force Out, Perfect Season, First Team, and his latest book (i think) Kid Owner.
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Football Genus

Troy is Boy who lives in atlanta and he plays football. His favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons and his favorite player is the captain line backer Hank. One night Troy decides to sneak into Hanks backyard and get a football he grabs one and he runs home. Troys mom gets hired for the Atlanta Falcons. Theirs a twist though Troy can tell what play will happen in any football game. When Hank finds out and he wants to use him for the falcons games. Will the falcons organization let him? Find out in Football Genus.
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Baseball Great

12 Year old boy Josh just wants to play baseball But all his crazy coach wants to do is win. When his father a minor league pitcher gets him on a championship travel baseball team stuff gets serious on and of the field. When he could possibly get in trouble with the law.