Air-Sea Connection

Bethany & Savanna

Did you know that the Atmosphere has different layers ?

The Atmosphere has many different layers, Troposphere, Mesosphere ,Stratosphere, The lonosphere , Thermosphere , Atmosphere.

  • Troposphere- The troposphere is the lowest layer of earth's atmosphere.
  • Mesosphere - The mesosphere is above the stratosphere layer.
  • Stratosphere- The stratosphere is the second layer as one moves upward from earth's surface of the atmosphere.
  • The lonosphere - So technically the ionosphere is not another atmosphere layer.
  • Thermosphere - The thermosphere is directly above the mesosphere and below the exosphere.
  • Atmosphere- The Atmosphere is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen and other gases that surrounds earth.
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How are the atmosphere and the ocean connected?

The atmosphere affects the oceans and is in turn influenced by them. The action of winds blowing over the ocean surface creates waves and the great current systems of the oceans. When winds are strong enough to produce spray and whitecaps, tiny droplets of ocean water are thrown up into the atmosphere where some evaporate, leaving microscopic grains of salt buoyed by the turbulence of the air. These tiny particles may become nuclei for the condensation of water vapor to form fogs and clouds.The relationships are not simple. The pattern of atmospheric circulation largely determines the pattern of oceanic surface circulation, which in turn determines the location and amount of heat that is released to the atmosphere. Also, the pattern of atmospheric circulation determines in part the location of clouds, which influences the locations of heating of the ocean surface.

It's fun to learn about all kinds of things that you know nothing about because it good information and you get to get more knowledge.

What is so unique about marine science ?

What is so unique about marine science is that you get to learn about so much in the world, you can get majors in marine science, Marine science is a well rounded and multi- disciplinary program. There's just so much that you can learn about marine science.