Do You Believe In Ghosts?

By: kristina peugh


The Winchester's house is not an original. The original was destroyed and remodeled to confuse spirits. If that's not creepy enough listen to this,

The house went through an earthquake and Mrs. Winchester believed it was a warning from spirits that the front of the house had too much money spent on it. So it resulted in her bedroom, ballroom, front door (only she and carpenters used) to be sealed off. If your thinking shes insane here what other have said about it as well,

Sometimes late at night it is said you can hear, footsteps, windows slamming ( they sometimes shatter), and even weird voices. One thing that really catches your eye is the fact that some pillars are upside down to confuse spirits and she even has secret passages if she feels being followed. There are even doors that lead to no where!

Ghost stories from workers.

The little boy

A worker was walking around and she came across a little boy. When he realized he had been seen he ran off laughing. The woman figured he was probably lost due to the fact the house is practicality a maze . Later they sent a search party for him. After two hours they gave up and they went home. Two weeks later she found a picture and went completely pale. She ran over to one of the people who helped look. and said "That's the boy! He's the one I saw two weeks earlier." They later found out the boy had died not to long ago from when the picture was taken.

An AMAZING vacation already planned

Get ready for an amazing adventure in a house with stair cases leading no where, paranormal activity and a maze!

Can tours be dangerous?

If you are a daredevil go on the trip because its said that the guides must warn you to stay close, because one wrong turn could lead to hours of being lost.

Why is it important

Why is it important you might ask, well this lets us know that spirits are true and things can be truly haunted.