Discovery Education

It's more than just videos!

Discovering "Ed" Streaming and the many tools you can use in your classroom

You've seen the emails - "streamlined," "single sign-on," "so much to offer!" What does this all mean for you in the classroom? Discovery Education has continued to develop as a leader in digital classroom content, and it's easier than ever to use all these tools with your students. Join us to find out how!

This lunchtime session will get kick-off your planning for next year (let's face it - you plan throughout the summer!).

Milton Avenue School Tech Lab

Monday, June 6th, 12-12:30pm

16 Milton Avenue

Chatham Township, NJ

Amanda and Jill will guide you through
the Discovery Education site.

Tools to Explore

Board Builder - with quizzes, assignments, writing prompts

Classroom Manager

Teacher Center

Professional Development