Vacation In Circle 8 of Hell!

Experience the best 10 days of your life!

Don't know where to vacation? Want a vacation that your family will love and never forget? Then come to Circle 8 of Hell! There are activities that the whole family will love, and some many places to explore! Not quite sold? Check out this 10 day vacation itinerary that tells you where you should go each day, and what places we suggest you should go! Discover what all you can explore, and if you like it, simply pack your bags and head on to your dream vacation spot with ease!


When you first arrive in Hell, you'll visit the great Bolgia 1! There's an abundance of fun things you can do here. In the morning, you can watch a parade where you'll possibly see some very famous people, such as Venedico Cacciamico. Later in the day, you can go to a demon zoo! That might sound scary, but these little creatures are some of the cutest things there are! When you're hungry, you can eat some of the spiciest food in Circle 8! You can then go have a relaxing evening in your 5 Star Hotel, located in the center of Circle 8!


After spending your first day in Bolgia 1, you will then venture to Bolgia 2! You can start off your day in Bolgia 2 by going to their underworld famous chocolatier! Is all that chocolate too much? Bolgia 2 has some of the most famous restrooms in the world that are sure to please! Bolgia 2 also has some of the nicest perfume shops that have the potential to keep you occupied for hours! Maybe you'll run into George Chapman! After this fun filled day, you can then go relax once again in your hotel.


On day 3, you can venture to Bolgia 3! Bolgia 3 is most well known for its wonderful shoe stores that have a wide variety of styles and sizes; they'll definitely keep the females in your family occupied for hours! Later in the night, you'll be able to go to a bonfire where you can bond with your family and the other families vacationing in this great vacation spot!


After spending your third day in Bolgia 3, you'll venture to Bolgia 4! Bolgia 4 is one of the most magical places you'll visit when you vacation in Circle 8. You can go to the fair, where most of the magic happens. You'll see magic show after magic show, and you can also have someone tell your fortune; who doesn't love that!? This is sure to consume most, if not all, of your day. If it doesn't, you can walk around town, and you're sure to see stars like Moll Pitcher.


On day 5, you'll be able to visit Bolgia 5! In Bolgia 5, you'll get to visit a museum that will be informative to not only your kids, but you too! You'll get to learn a ton about politics and will even get to talk to different famous politicians, such as Benjamin Harrison and Calvin Coolidge! After the museum, you'll get to experience a camping and hiking trip to Bolgia 6, seeing that the bridge that connects the two are broken.


When you arrive in Bolgia 6 after your camping & hiking trip, you'll be able to go to tons of shops! Bolgia 6 is well known for its clothing, especially coats and cloaks. And, if you enjoy running, there's a great track! Even if you don't like running, you can just walk around the track and enjoy some quality family time! You could also run into some famous people on the track, such as Robert Atkins! This is also the future home of Al Gore!


On your 7th magical day in Hell, you'll visit Bolgia 7! In Bolgia 7, you're sure to please the animal lovers in your family when you visit the serpentarium! The serpentarium is home to many reptiles such as snakes and lizards! You can watch the snake handlers handle the snakes & watch as the serpents wrap around the trainers! It's a very fun and informative place to visit. If you need money or need someone to hold your money while your there, Bolgia 7 has the safest banks in all of the underworld!


On your 8th day, you'll visit Bolgia 8! In Bolgia 8, you can watch some amazing acts at the circus! Our most amazing act are the fire handlers, who are able to juggle sticks that are lit on fire! When you get hungry you can get some great circus food, such as corn dogs or funnel cakes!


After spending yesterday in Bolgia 8, you'll visit Bolgia 9! Bolgia 9 has a Medieval Festival that is sure to please your entire family. When you arrive at the Medieval Festival, you can eat some of the delicious food, such as black pudding, mutton, turkey legs, and stew. You can also watch the sword fights that happen in the center of the festival, and you can see if anyone defeats the world renown champion who goes by "Demon"! You may even see some famous people try to defeat him, such as Mohommed. This is the underworlds most prominent festival.


On your last day of your fantastic vacation, you will visit Bolgia 10! In Bolgia 10, you can go visit the giant Antaeus, who will tell you and your children story after story about his adventures! This is sure to occupy for hours, so before you know it, it will be time for you to head home after experiencing the best vacation of your life!