Most Dangerous Game

By: Ariel, Karesse, Claire


The POV of The Most Dangerous Game is First Person. It is First Person because the word I is in it so we know that a character from the story is telling it.
The Most Dangerous Game - Short Film

Three Literary Devices

A sharp hunger was picking at him. Personification

Trying to peer through the dank tropical night that was palpable as it pressed it's thick dark blackness in upon the yacht. Personification

"Not for yards," admitted Rainsford. Ugh! It's like moist black velvet. Personification

Three Main Characters

What did we think of The Most Dangerous Game

We thought that the book the Most Dangerous Game was a very exciting book. We thought that it was also a little weird because it involved people killing other people. It was a very entertaining book and some of the characters in it were kind of mysterious when they talked about the most dangerous game.


Rainsford was on a yacht when he fell into the water and washed to shore. He walked in the jungle unti he saw a big house. When he knocked a big man answered and didn't answer any of Rainsford questions. A well dressed man walking into the door way and said he was General Zaroff and that he was a fan of Rainsfords books. General told Rainsford to stay for dinner and he said yes. Over dinner General talked about how he loved hunting on his island. Rainsford asked General what big game he had. General Zaroff said "humans". Rainsford wanted to leave but General said to leave he'd have to spend 3 days in the jungle and try to survive while General hunted him.