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December 20, 2018

Saturday, February 16, 2019

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UTSA P-20 November Newsletter

The month of November provides a special time to reflect on what we are thankful for. One thing that we can be thankful for is that our community has many opportunities for enrichment for our families.

The Institute for P-20 Initiatives is pleased to be able to share some of those opportunities with you here.

The UTSA Pre Engineering Program (PREP) is gearing up for its 40th year as an outstanding summer program. If you have children in the 6th grade, read more about applying for Year 1 of the PREP program below.

If you haven't heard of BiblioTech, learn more about this free, all-digital public library and the many activities that they offer for your family. There is much more to learn about in this month's newsletter.

Click HERE to read the newsletter!

Keeping Kids Entertained During the Holidays

The holidays are exciting, what with all the cookies, lights and too-cute specials on TV, but pause for a moment to consider how all that excitement feels to a child. It’s magical and amazing.

But it’s also exhausting.

While you’re busy getting all the elf work done to make the holidays special, your child could be getting cranky, bored or tired — or all three. When you entertain during the holidays, don’t forget to plan some special activities just for the little ones in your life. When you choose age-appropriate activities and provide a special spot for tots to enjoy them, you’ll make sure everyone is having fun.

Check out 5 Holiday Activities for Toddlers and Preschoolers HERE.

Groundbreaking Study Examines Effects of Screen Time on Kids

If you have kids and wonder if all that time they spend on their smartphones endlessly scrolling, snapping and texting is affecting their brains, you might want to put down your own phone and pay attention. The federal government, through the National Institutes of Health, has launched the most ambitious study of adolescent brain development ever attempted. In part, scientists are trying to understand what no one currently does: how all that screen time impacts the physical structure of your kids' brains, as well as their emotional development and mental health.

Read full article HERE.

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