Greece's Golden Age

Yes it is spelled Greece.......... not Grease.

A Golden age is a time period where there is harmony, prosperity, and peace within a civilization. The golden age of Greece was exactly a time period of harmony, prosperity and peace, but also great achievements . These achievements during the golden age of Greece has its mark on history forever. It has even greatly influenced the United States and many other nations across the world even now. These achievement and values of Greece are even presently taught within are society as we know it. Still significantly here even after its Golden Age.

So...... Whats so important about Greece?

There were many Great achievements of Greece such as education, philosophy, and democracy. To begin with, Ancient Greece during this time of prosperity had brilliant philosophers that our known through out the world today. These philosophers changed the mentality of the people around them and their students. Opening many peoples mind to enlightenment thus discovering the reality of our world; making many become their disciples or followers. Therefore these philosophers greatly influenced the basic ideas of our society. To further include, Greece's second achievement was through education inventing basic forms of geometry,number theory, and the idea of formal proof. Which was very significant for trade and architecture in ancient Greece. Lastly , Greece was the first civilization to invent direct democracy. This idea of democracy gave everyone the right to vote and decide for decision in their society. Instead of the rich holding power and choosing the decisions it was voted by the people. Which is one of the greatest beliefs taken by the United States and forming it how it is today.

Influential Leaders

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