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April 2015


So much has happened in the last month! My husband and I purchased a new house and moved! We got our house ready to sell put it on the market and sold it in four days. Honestly, things went so well. We were just "kicking tires” when we found the house we just felt fit our family perfectly. We decided to make an offer, they accepted, and then it was a mad dash to get ours on the market and sell it. We moved in our new house this weekend and we love it so much. My favorite thing is my new dedicated school room AND my dōTERRA nook. See my picture below. I get my own little work space! I am shopping for the perfect chair or one on the buy, sell, trade, group which every I find first!

I titled this section "Stress" because everyone knows that moving is in the top five stressful situations in life. We moved because we wanted to, so that lessened the stress but still the paperwork, the cleaning, the packing, the transition, all while still maintaining everything else you have going, yes, it was stressful.

I have so many tools in my tool belt for stress. First and foremost, prayer. I prayed about everything! I am praying now, that we make it through closing at the end of the month without a hitch. After prayer, I am so blessed to have good friends that will let me talk it out! It really helps! I used my oils a lot this month. Aromatherapy is great for stress. I used peppermint and citrus bliss in my diffuser to lift my mood, I used clary calm for monthly irritations, I used lavender and frankincense in my bath oils to help me relax, I used vetiver and serenity to quiet my mind at night. As usual we used OnGuard daily to boost our immune system and I used lemon, lavender and peppermint to help me with occasional seasonal allergy discomfort.

Both myself and my little guy got pretty sick during the course of this stressful time. In my case I was able to let my body heal itself and in my little guys case I decided to go with a combination of allopathic medicine and natural health solutions. I will share more on that in a future newsletter.

What are your natural ways to combat stress? How do you incorporate natural solutions with allopathic medicine?

I hope you all had a great holiday weekend with your family. I feel so blessed to honor the death, burial and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, daily. My is hope that all of you that you have the peace that passeth all understanding and are enjoying good health this spring.

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It needs some organizing and a chair! Picture courtesy of my 8 year old!
Songs, hymns and prayer are great for combating stress. I hope you enjoy this great music! I am truly already blessed, in heavenly places!

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This is my little guy getting an Aromatouch Technique

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DFW Classes

I am coming to the DFW area! I want to teach a class for you and your friends. Please let me know when you can host in the month of June. I want to plan around your schedule.

Do it Yourself

Texas Bug Repellant

Texas Bug Repellant

4 oz spay bottle

2 oz Witch Hazel

2 oz Water

12 drops dōTERRA Terrashield

It's not to early to plan for Mother's Day

Last year toward the end of April dōTERRA offered a really nice set with oils and unscented lotion. I hope they will again. In the mean time the Mood Kit and the Travel Kit make really nice gift packs. Also if your Mom is like my Mom she would love the new Lotus Diffuser!

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