Families in Medieval Europe

By: Barrett and Olivia


Is something everyone has and all face different situations.


Those who were born rich would have lived a rich life. Life of one person was easily reflected to how his or her family status was.


Were completely arranged, parents would try to get there kids to marry someone with a high status so the family could have also share privileges.


Divorce was rare and a wife who scolded her husband would have been beaten and kicked.


Women were the greatest supporters of the household. Without the housewife the house would have never been convenient.
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Education in Medieval Europe

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The educational classes took in the medieval times was trivium and quadrivium. These classes were known as rhetoric, grammar and logic
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Supplies in School

They used quills that were only for the skilled kids in art. The non skilled ones used a wax tablet made of ivory, this was their writing utencils. They also use parchment which was their paper
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They had methods in school but they didn't have chalkboards or dry erase boards. They used their memory in school. Everything they learned orally and was then to be memorized.


In school we have popular and non popular, they had something sorta like this but in their times if you were high class then you could be educated, but if you weren't then education was limited in places and many never got the opportunity.
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