Mrs. Wooten's Wonders

4th grade JES November 13, 2015

Congratulations to Caden Wilkerson: Student of the Week!

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We have not met our 100% attendance goal the past few weeks! Let's see if we can get back on track next week and have 100% attendance every day!

Donuts for Dads

I am sorry I missed getting a picture of some of you: Abigail & her Dad, Devin & his Dad, Destiny & her Dad. Thanks to everyone for coming!

Class DoJo

We have started a new point system in our classroom. Students earn points individually and as small groups of 4. Turning homework, getting the agenda signed, 100% on some assignments, helping others, etc are all opportunities for earning points!

Upcoming Events

November 20 - $1.00 PTO Day - Hair spray day!

November 25-27 - Thanksgiving Break (Nov 25th - Snow make-up day #1)

New Printed ID's and Volunteer Procedures

It is extremely important that anyone who plans to attend a school field trip or visit the classroom return the CPS History form ASAP. The new ID program, Raptor, requires this form to be on file and in the security system. If you have any questions, please contact the school office.

Boys' Basketball Practice

Monday practices are 6:30-7:45, Wednesday practices are 6:30-7:45. Please remember: If your student misses school on Friday, he should not play basketball on Saturday. This policy applies to cheerleaders as well.


We will begin our study of Science Chapter 3, Technology and Motion. We will be doing a packet page daily with a quiz on the following Tuesday. Students will keep the packet in their homework folder throughout the week so they can review it daily to prepare for the quiz. It will be essential that students study for the quiz. The quiz is not easy!


We have started Prefix/Suffix Spelling lists. This week the prefixes are anti-, sub-, em-, en-, trans- and micro-. The list can be found on Spelling City with the link below. Test will be on Friday.

Reading Vocabulary

Our list this week is List #14. It is available on Quizlet and with a paper copy in the yellow homework folder. The quiz will be on Thursday.


Monday: Spelling, Math

Tuesday: Spelling, Math, Science packet quiz

Wednesday: Math TEST, Spelling sentences

Thursday: Spelling, Math, Reading Vocabulary Quiz

Friday: Spelling TEST, Draw Conclusions TEST

Spelling Sentences

Homework for Wednesday will be to write a sentence for each Spelling word. Here are the rules:

  1. No more than 2 sentences may begin with the word "I".
  2. Sentences should include 3 questions and 3 exclamations.
  3. The Spelling word in each sentence should be underlined.
  4. The sentences may be hand written or typed in the Pages App or Google Docs (I can print them at school, if needed).

AR Goals

Students should be at 50% of their AR goal by this Friday, November 20th. Progress on goals can be checked by logging in to Ren Place Home Connect for the school website or by having your student pull up the last quiz taken from their AR bookshelf and look at the tops report.

Contact information

Feel free to contact me at anytime with questions or concerns you may have regarding your student's education.