BHS School Counseling Newsletter


The School Counseling Department would like to welcome all of you back for the 2020-2021 school year. For those of you who are new to BHS, the School Counseling Department shares a newsletter each quarter with the school community in order to communicate important news, dates and programs. As school counselors, we are dedicated to supporting our students academically, personally and socially as well as assisting students with their college/career planning. We strive to help students become active learners and self-advocates.
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The High School Counseling and Support Staff

Mrs. Toni Corry-Department Chair

Mrs. Jennifer Ruhle

Mrs. Vanessa Wood

Mrs. Samantha Stebenne

Mrs. Dawn Cacchillo

BHS Support Staff

Ms. Lee Markowski-School Psychologist

Mrs. Joanne Royley-Student Assistance Counselor

School Counseling Office Staff

Mrs. Brenda Lamanna

Mrs. Jocelyn Gillam

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October 27th-Senior SAT school day makeup

October 29th-PSAT makeup


November 5th- Registration deadline for the December 7th SAT and December 14th ACT

November 11th- Veterans Day -No School

November 16th-PD/Distance Learning Day

November 18th -End of the first marking Period


December 5th - SAT

December 12th- ACT

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Freshman-Class of 2024

  • Welcome to BHS! The School Counseling Department is made up of several key players. We are all here to assist students, parents and guardians with whatever they need.

  • Each counselor sent an email out to their caseload of grade nine students, with a brief introduction as well as an explanation of our role, which covers three domains: Academic, Personal/Social and College/Career.

  • Students can access their assigned school counselor via email, in person or on zoom. If a student needs to meet with us immediately, the School Counseling Office doors are always open and we will do our best to accommodate these needs in a timely manner.

  • COMING SOON: A virtual activities fair will be held for all students in order for the school to showcase all of the different clubs and activities that are available. This is a great opportunity to see how you can become involved and connect with your peers through your personal interests!

  • LOOKING AHEAD: All students will be expected to maintain an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) in Richer Picture. This is where you will set yearly goals, create a resume and complete various interest surveys. More information to come!

Sophomore-Class of 2023

  • Students can access their assigned school counselor via email, in person or on zoom.

  • Last year, sophomores began their Individual Learning Plan (ILP) on the "Richer Picture" platform. This allows students to identify academic, personal and career/college goals. Please take the time to review your goals in Richer Picture and to think about what you want to accomplish this year as a sophomore.

    Please contact your school counselor if you forgot your password to Richer Picture.

    As you begin to create some short and long term goals, Richer Picture has some embedded tools to assist with your planning efforts. This year you will be complete the “Interest Profiler” and “Habits of Mind” activities.

  • To assist with planning ahead, please note that sophomores will be taking the PSAT 10 in the spring during the school day. More information will be posted as the test date gets closer.

Here are some additional resources to check out!

How to Learn From Your Mistakes: Making Sophomore Year Better

Time Management Worksheet: This worksheet, developed by Challenge, provide direction and guidance for students to build their own schedule, including classes, extracurricular and unstructured time.

Junior-Class of 2022

  • Typically, each fall we hold the BHS-Mt. Hope College Fair. This year, due to the pandemic we were forced to cancel. We know that students are still looking for ways to connect with college admissions counselors and learn more about many colleges and universities. Please check the School Counseling Department’s Social Media Threads (Facebook & Twitter) for various Virtual College Fairs that are being held.

  • Please check the School Counseling Aspen Page to view different college admissions counselors that have reached out to BHS to connect with students virtually.

  • November: Counselors will be meeting with juniors in order to help them develop a schedule for taking the SATs and/or ACTs as well as to help them begin their college/career exploration.

  • To assist with planning ahead, please note that BHS will be administering the SAT in school to juniors between April 13 - 15, 2021. More information will be posted as the test date gets closer.

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Seniors-Class of 2021


Tips for College Applications:

  • If you are ready to apply to colleges, please review the slideshow and recorded webinar on the college application process that was emailed from your counselor.
  • For Assistance with the Common Application, please review the Step by Step guide for the Common Application found on their website and linked in your counselors email.
  • Early action and early decision deadlines are coming up soon, so be sure to request your letters of recommendation and transcripts with at least a two week window.
  • Be thoughtful with your college essay and get many people to assist in editing. Remember this is your opportunity to show admissions who you are beyond your transcript.
  • Many colleges/universities are "test optional". This means it is entirely up to you to determine if you want to send your standardized test scores.There is no penalty for not sending.
  • Take advantage of as many virtual opportunities as possible - tours, admissions representative sessions, webinars, etc. to make your final decisions on where to apply.
  • Be sure you apply to a range of schools based on their admission profile of an accepted student- safety, target and reach.
  • Please email your counselor with any questions or to request a meeting.

Additional resources to assist you in the college application process:

Researching Colleges/Careers

Applying to College

Financial Aid & Paying for College

Free Scholarship Searches


Helpful articles

NCAA Announces Flexibility for Initial Eligibility for 2021-2022 -

NACAC Pledge: Test Optional Means Test Optional

Care Counts in Crisis: College Admissions Deans Respond to COVID-19

A Gap Year offers students one year between high school and college to explore internships, volunteer opportunities or travel.

Tech/Certificate and two year programs

Student Assistance Program

Group Counseling

The counseling department staff are setting up a variety of student support groups that will be held on zoom. All students were emailed info. about the groups. If you feel like your child would benefit from attending a group, please discuss it with them and have them fill in the document that was sent or just email their counselor.

Group topics include: General anxiety

Isolation during the pandemic

Building relationships with peers

Attending college next year (in light of covid)

Adolescent emotional health during the pandemic

Check out this article recently published in The Atlantic ( “Teens did Suprisingly Well in Quarantine” by Jean Twenge, professor of psychology at San Diego State University

Election Stress

Please listen to the podcast “Flusterclux”. In Season 2 Episode 8, Lynn Lyons (therapist, anxiety expert, author, public speaker) discusses “Election Anxiety: How to not Scar Your Kids”


When it comes to COVID-19 infection, current and former smokers may have an increased risk of SEVERE ILLNESS for COVID-19 infection according to the CDC.

If you suspect your teen is vaping or smoking cigarettes, please use these resources to help them quit:

“My Life My Quit” For teens ages 13-17

Rhode Island Nicotine Helpline 1 800 QUIT NOW / 1 800 784-8669

Take Down Tobacco - Youth advocacy training program created by the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids in partnership with CVS Health Foundation

Contact your Student Assistance Counselor for support and resources