Emily Shiff Period 3 5/16/16

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The Tiger lives in Tropical Forests, swamps, And grassland with good vegetation cover and water near by. Were they live world wide is in India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal; China, Southeastern Siberia; Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Sumatra( Beer 20).


Tigers Habits Include solidarity, Tigers are very highly territorial. Tigers are most active at night, all tigers swim extraordinarily well, and all tigers are great at climbing(Beer 20).

FUN FACT : tigers love to swim

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Body Covering

Tigers are usually huge, and highly muscular big cat. Usually orange with black striped big cat( Beer 20). The orange and black help the tiger blend in with its surroundings as you can see in the picture below. But their are white Tigers with black stripes.
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The diet of a tiger consists of mainly large, hooves animals. Including deer, buffalo, antelope, and gaur( Beer 20). They also hunt cattle, pigs( Beer 20). But when food is scare they may eat frogs and porcupines( Watt 33). Then can also eat turtles, snacks, rats, tapirs, and more ( Watt 34)


A Tiger reproduces sexually. Tigers usually give litters of 1-6(usually 2 or 3), the cubs are usually born at a period of time between 95-110 days. Female Tigers sexually mature at 3-4 years of age, male tigers sexually mature at 4-5 years of age. Most tigers in the wild rarely more than 10 years( Beer 20).

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Some adaptations that a tiger has are Their hind leg is stronger than its front legs, how this helps the tiger is that the tiger can jump farther distastes. Talking about legs their paws are made with 2 key features. The pads on the tigers feet are made to be silent so its easier to catch prey. The other feature is its claws, the claws are retractable witch means that they can go in and out when the tiger wants( Watt 14)
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Other Info

  • the scientific name of a tiger is Panthera tigris ( Beer 20)
  • Tigers are not normally portrayed as friendly as Tigger( Watt 49)
  • The tigers stripes continue on to the skin( Watt 59)
  • There are only 3000 Tigers left in the wild( Tiger Awareness)
  • 1 tiger a day dies for its skin and claws ( Tiger Awareness)
  • Tigers can live in almost any climate ( Tiger)
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