Mrs. Williams' Class

February 2014


In January, we worked on evaluating how we ask questions as readers. We practiced branching out from simple questions, such as the who, what, where, when, and why, to more in depth questions. Students evaluated their own questioning skills by looking at questions they have created and rating them off of the Bloom's Taxonomy. Mrs. Albrecht, Ivy's Advanced Learning Facilitator, joined our classroom the first week back from break to help us in our understanding of Bloom's Taxonomy. We continued to look at questions throughout January. Mid-January we started new novel groups with literature to help us continue our practice of recording our inner conversations while reading.

February will be focused on inferencing. Students will learned how to infer meaning. We will be using this "formula" to aid us in our inferencing: BK + TC = I. This will teach the kids that you will need to use your "Background Knowledge" (BK) and use the "Text Clues" (TC) to Infer (I) the meaning within the text. Students will practice this skill with both nonfiction and fiction text. We are continuing to read in our novel groups. Students are providing evidence of their reading comprehension by writing reading responses from a prompt every couple of chapters.

Big Reading Assignments for February

Weekly Reading Response (due every Friday)

Monthly Reading Letter (due Wednesday, February 26th)

February Book Report (due Friday, February 28th)


We have been reading a novel, The Liberation of Gabriel King by K.L. Going, together to practice evaluating the text and writing about the text. As we have been writing about this novel, we have been practicing citing the text properly, as well as working towards finding excellent examples within a text to support our thoughts in a response. This unit is focused on assisting students on citing works appropriately and learning to avoid plagiarism.


Once we finished our Data Projects, we started our Hands-On Equations unit. This unit is an introductory unit into algebra. Students have been working with manipulatives to assist with our understanding of early algebra. Videos have been put on the Edmodo page to assist students with their understanding. A review will be on February 11th. The Hands-On Equation test will be February 12th.

After this week, we will return to Everyday Math. The upcoming units focus on evaluating data through stem-and-leaf plots, line plots, organizing data, benchmark data, and order of operation.


This month we are continuing the unit on Water! So far we have discussed the different types of water and how much of the earth is made up of water. Students have taken two quizzes on the content they have learned so far. We will continue to explore water for the rest of the month.


Ivy Hill will be tracking the Olympics! Each grade level has taken a country to track during the olympics. As a school, we will be graphing how many medals each country receives. The 5th grade will be tracking Norway. Go USA!