Witchcraft in Salem

By: Jonas Beal, Chenoa Bumpus and Austin Parnell

Curse Applied

On the night of November 13, 1692, Salem has entered a continuing conjuring of spirits throughout various weeks. The devil has said to enter the body of Betty Parris, a young ten year old, due to the rituals set forth by her seventeen year old cousin, Abigail Williams, and her former African American slave, Tituba, along with Marry Warren, and Mercy Lewis. The girls were found in the woods by Betty's father, Parris, drinking chicken blood, and dancing around a fire chanting rituals, conjuring the spirits of Mrs. Putnam's six dead children. After the night of these events, Betty Pairs continues to lie inert in her bed while her family waits for any sudden movement. The girls deny they were a part of witchcraft. However, Betty is said to be controlled by the Devil due to her whimpering and her sudden wish for flying. Marry Warren, Mercy Lewis, and Abigail Williams stopped Betty from jumping out of the window after she woke up and screamed to let her fly towards her dead mother. Betty Parris awaits a diagnosis from Reverend John Hale of Beverly.
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