Okey! A game that anybody can play!

Mostly Turkish people play this game but anybody can play!

This game okey is best when played with 4 people but you can play with 3 and 2 people!

This game is very similar to a game called Rummy-O. Okey has to be played with number tiles and a board to put the number tiles on. There is 106 number tiles. There is 2 joker tiles. 3 people get 14 tiles and 1 person gets 15 tiles. There is a big stack of tiles to pick from. The first person throws away a tile and the next player either can pick it up or pick one from the stack of tiles. The objective is simply to get you have to get 4 tiles in the same colour twice and then 3 tiles twice that MUST be the same colour that is one way the other way is to get 5 tiles once and 3 tiles 3 times. That is only two ways there a many more ways to win.

Betting can be little and is usually little.

But betting is not GOOD or OK.
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