It's A Keep-Collective Party!

It's not just jewelry it's your story! You pick the design!

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If You Don't See It; I Bet We Still Have It

We offer so much more than the different ideas you see below. Please visit my website below and click shop to see all the different Keepers we offer. We have bracelets, pendants, key fobs and earnings. If you have any questions or would like to see a mock up of a special design you would like to create please email me. I would be blessed to help.

Kind Campaign

An internationally recognized movement, documentary and school program based upon the powerful belief in KINDness, that brings awareness and healing to the negative and lasting effects of girl-against-girl “crime.

A Stella and Dot Product

A charm based jewelry line. It is unique in the making. You create your own piece highlighting memories, moments and milestones.
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This personalized pouch will be gone soon.

Do you need a fundraiser?

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It is easy to host...

Fundraising is easy with our Keep Collective online socials. A link is quickly created for your organization. You and your team can share the link using Facebook, email or even a text message.

Using Facebook allows the party to stay active for two weeks! I can post pictures and ideas allowing each party member to interact and share ideas.

Having in home socials are fun too! I have had success in the past with parties that have a fun theme. Like, “Wine and Design”, “Coffee and Cupcakes”, “Beer and Bling”.

I am available to answer any of your questions. You can reach me on via Facebook Messenger or my email address

There are many pictures posted below too!

There are TWO way to order!

1. Come to party and mingle and meet. I will be there to help you design your piece and place your order.

2. Use the link here to shop, and then place your order.

I am also available to help you design your piece through Facebook, text message or email. I can mock up your idea if you would like to see a virtual picture.



You don't have to wait! You can order ANYTIME!

If you can't make it to the Party that's okay! You can still order.

Below you will see the different links to our catalogs.

New Spring Launch:


2. Now that you know what you want! Visit our KEEP-Collective site.

3. Find your hostess. Click on her name.

4. Start Shopping!

5. Wait for the mailman! Your products will be delivered right to your door!

6. The video below shows you have to order also!

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I believe strongly that everyone has a unique story of strength and courage to tell! There are times in life when we need to be reminded of that strength and courage. The Keep Collection is exactly what many of us need to tell our story or to remind us of our journey. As a teacher, I try to model living and thinking positively. I am excited to begin my adventure in selling this charm based jewelry line! This line is amazing. It helps celebrate who you are, who you want to become, what you love and the things that guide you in life!
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What if I told you that you could own a multi-million dollar annual business, one in which you invested less than $150 to start. A business you could run on your own terms, have no storefront, no employees, yet supply thousands of customers in your organization a product that you don't stock, you don't ship, you don't even order.....would you think I was crazy?

Thanks to social commerce and partnering with the fastest growing jewelry company in America it is possible!
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Deciding Your One Word

About three years ago, during a Kick off the School Year PD (I am a teacher), our leaders introduced us to the "one word" philosophy. The idea behind this was to help us focus on the things we can control, and not to focus on the negative things that get in the way of everyday life. When things did get in the way and we felt defeated we were to remember our one word as encouragement and as a focus to move forward.

The first year I chose the word prioritize. I needed to learn how to prioritize my family before my job, my fitness needs before my job, and myself before my job. The following year I chose the word release. I am a huge control freak, and felt I needed to be involved in everything and I needed to do everything I possibly could or else I was not doing enough. This year I chose the word balance. It's not so much that I need to learn how to balance "things", but I need to learn what balance means!

Mentally, I know my word, and I even have a small poster outside my classroom door to help remind me of my one word focus...BUT...I do not have the physical word with me all the time all day. Although I did get a small tattoo I don't have the courage to get a whole word tattooed on my hand or arm. I knew somehow I need to see the word daily, to touch the word that will help me stay grounded and reel me back into what really matters. Then KEEP happened!!

Keep Collective Site

I remember sitting outside my camper drinking a cup of coffee and scrolling through my Facebook page. This was when I stumbled upon a friends invite to an event. I opened the events page and noticed it was a jewelry party. I honestly thought to myself, "ugggg not another jewelry party", but I joined anyway to show support. However, as I started looking through the different pieces and what this line really stood for I became intrigued by the concept of creating your own piece of jewelry, designed by your passions and purpose as the focus, reflecting what is important to you. As I searched the wishing stone selections I honest to goodness gasped, right there on the page was the "balance" stone. (Remember balance was the word I chose this year) I read the description--->"Larvikite is said to help you stay balanced, happy and protected. Wear this dark gray stone to fend off negativity, reconnect you with nature(hence camping), and for clarity of vision."

So, when I am asked "why" do you sell jewelry, I kindly respond. I don't! I feel like I sell stories. I feel like I help people publish their purpose. Whether it is with one word or a special design unique to your "why" I get to hear your story and you get to tell it with our beautiful charms and designs.

I encourage you to unplug, sit in silence and ponder...

1. What do I need?

2. What is in my way?

3. What needs to go?

Focus on what need surface, not your desires, but your needs. Use this reflection to help guide you to finding your one word.

Then find a way to put your word prominently into your daily life and tell people!

I would love to help you display your word with our line.

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