Development of Elementary Kids

Developmental cycles of ages 5 to 12

By: Tynika Ford


At this age there is a variance in height and weight. Physical growth is slow but steady. Also the children may start to experience puberty and transitions to adolescence.
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Children are able to reason deductively from general to specific or premise to logical conclusion. They become able to understand conservation (recognizing that physical properties remain the same regardless of change in appearance). Also they are capable of categorization. By the age of 12 they begin abstract reasoning.
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Most children of this age are in the stage of pre-conventional of moral development or show some resemblance of the conventional stage.
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In elementary school years, children are acquiring many new skills. They may either feel industrious as he/she learns to read, write and do math, or he/she will feel inferior.
  • Industrious- meaning diligent and hard working or that they think they are doing exceptionally well.
  • Inferior- feeling low in status or school work among others
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Most children of this age are able to form simple, yet complex sentences and their vocabulary begins to growing rapidly. At these ages the children also begin communicating with others socially and transitions into adolescence while establishing a voice of opinion.
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