Shine On! August 2015


Hi there Team Shine! Wrapping up the summer and jumping into Fall is one of my favorite times of year! Summer is soooo busy and everyone is in and out of town and while I LOVE summer, I always welcome the routines of Fall and the new school year too! I'm particularly excited about this Fall with our new catalog and team members and can't wait to welcome more team members with this month's enrollment incentive! Share the business with EVERYONE! You never know who needs it and I promise you, you will come across someone you never knew needed it but they do!

Things to Remember

Right now we have the recruiting incentive going on and I WANT you to reach out to me with any questions. This is too good of an opportunity for you to share the business with customers and to build your team. I want us ALL to be successful!

Conference Dates: Conference dates are out and I want us to all start thinking about it NOW. Add ONE extra party to your calendar each month and you will have PLENTY of money to attend next July! Conferences are held in Columbus OH, and Salt Lake City UT. If you live East of the Mississippi River you may go to either one...if you live West of the Mississippi you have to go to Salt Lake. I am fine with either but am really thinking about going to Salt Lake because I have family there. If you all could let me know ahead of time if you're thinking about going, we can decide how to stay together as a team! I would LOVE to see my Texas girls in Utah!!!!
Salt Lake City will be July 9-11
Columbus will be July 16-18