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September Newsletter

Reminder: Next week is "A" week!

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Library Schedules

A BIG thank you to everyone who has signed up for library time this year! We still have a few teachers that need to schedule a time for their classes to visit. Please stop by or email me so we can get your class on the schedule.

Upcoming A/B weeks:

A Week: Sept 8-11

B Week: Sept 14-18

A Week: Sept 21-25

B Week: Sept 28 - Oct 2

Scheduling Flex Time

Don't forget to start thinking about scheduling flex time lessons. :) Once we get through the first week of check out next week, I would love to start scheduling flex time lessons. Feel free to talk with me about what you are doing in the classroom so that I can develop library lessons that support your instruction. I can also do basic research skills, locating resources, and choosing an appropriate book lessons any time!

Just visit: to book flex time!

Makerspace Lab is NOW OPEN!

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed supplies to our Makerspace! I am in awe of the amount of supplies I have been able to gather. The lab is now up and running, but will only be used right now for Club Fridays. Students that have joined my Makerspace Club will also be allowed to come participate Mon-Thur with teacher permission. I will send out a list of those students in 3rd-5th soon. The idea is for these Club members to become Makerspace experts so that they can help facilitate the lab once it is open to all students!

Makerspace Lab Needs




Ping pongs

Please welcome Julia Solnek!

I am super excited about our new Instructional Technology Facilitator! Most of you met Julia last Wednesday while she was on campus. She and I have already sat down this week to comb through the Readiness and Process Standards in Math for some of our grade levels so that we could incorporate them into a really awesome SMART board challenge that will soon be available in the Makerspace lab.

Please take advantage of her time here and utilize her as much as possible. She has a fabulous website with lots of wonderful resources: Julia's Site.

Upcoming Events

September is Library Card Sign Up Month!

I will be encouraging all students to get their library cards this year at the Lewisville Public Library. There are so many wonderful FREE resources available to both the students and their parents. We need more families to take advantage of these great opportunities! You can help by spreading the word!
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Celebrate Freedom Week: September 14th - 18th

If you are in need of resources for Celebrate Freedom Week or for Constitution Day (September 17th), please let me know!

Suggested books for Celebrate Freedom Week