Taste of Pi


About Pi

Pi is an irrational number that is used to find the circumference and area of a circle. Diameter times pi will give you the circumference of your circle. Pi times radius squared will give you the area of your circle. Pi is a repeating decimal that can't be put into a fraction or ratio. That makes pi an irrational number.

The Facts

8 Facts

  1. The symbol has been used for 250 years.
  2. We can't calculate the exact circumference or area of a circle because pi is an irrational number.
  3. A japenese scientist found 1.24 trillion digits of pi in 2002.
  4. The first million decimals places of pi have 99,000+ of each number (0-9).
  5. March 14 is officially pi day. It represents 3.14 because march is the third month and it's fourteenth day is march 14.
  6. Albert Einstein was born on Pi day in 1879.
  7. Isaac Newton calculated the first 16 digits of Pi
  8. Pi is also called " circular constant".