4th Grade News

Mrs. Gilley

Upcoming Events

Book Order due 11/22

11/26 November Assembly

11/27-29 No School


This past week we review division. We are going to start learning about multiples and factors. We will be focusing on using arrays and rainbows factor lines to help us find factors. We will use arrays and number bonds to help us find the multiples.


This past week we have been focusing on determining importance when we read nonfiction text. We have also been thinking about the main idea and pulling details out of the text that support it. This next week we will be making inferences when reading nonfiction text.


We are working on persuasive writing still. This last week the students chose an argument. This week they will start brainstorming their reasons and support for their argument.


nonfat -does not contain fat

nonfiction -writing that is not fictional; contains real people and places

nonstop -without stopping

nonprofit -not for profit

nonsense -words or actions that are silly and make no sense

nontoxic -not harmful

nonverbal -not using speech; using little or no oral language

nondescript -ordinary; not outstanding

nonabrasive -not causing irritation

nonalignment -neutral; fair


We have finished reading about Missouri's role in Westward expansion. We will have a quick quiz on Tuesday about it. They can take their book and notes home to study. Then we will be Missouri growing about the time of the American Civil War.

The Top 5:

1. We started division.

2. We are making flash cards to help us learn division fluently.

3. Ms. Lewis was here on Thursday.

4. We made posters of our spelling words and taught them to the class.

5. We had our Veteran's Assembly.