Zombie Apocalypse Project

History with Mr.Vargas

Coastal Plains

The Coastal Plains stretches along the Atlantic Ocean.This region has long sandy beaches.The Coastal Plains also has broad lowlands with excellent harbors. I chose this region because this is a excellent example of a great place to be during a zombie apocalypse. I gave this region a 10 because if you need to evacuate America you can exit from the Atlantic Ocean.

Coastal Range

The Coastal Range stretches along the Pacific Ocean. It also stretches from Canada to California. The Coastal Range is made up of rugged mountains and valleys. I chose this region to explain the difference between the Coastal Range and coastal Plains. I give this region a 9, because it could be hard to climb the mountains and cross the valleys,but you can exit through the Pacific Ocean.
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Appalachian Highlands

The Appalachian Highlands is west of the Coastal Plains. It extends from eastern Canada to western Alabama. This region is in the Piedmont. The Coastal Plains has old,eroded mountains. I chose this region because it is a great example of were not to be in a zombie apocalypse. I give this region a 5, because it is right next to the Appalachian Mountains which will be hard to cross quickly if there was a zombie apocalypse.