Tiffany Stovall

It all starts here

Ohio state is my first step in being on my own i plan to major in business and try out for the cheer team cheering on my school . The reason i wanna major in business is because i wanna change little girls lives as running a competitive cheer team and taking them to competitions and building life long relationships

The army ?

My name is Tiffany Stovall i was born on may 31 2000 , my favorite color is purple , my favorite food is chicken fingers , and i love to cheer . Throughout this whole school year ive been thinking about joining the army because i just feel as if this is my country and its my duty to protect it . I love my country and i will do anything to save it , ive watched movies about the army and every time i watch something like that a voice in my head just goes this is what i wanna do i wanna do something that matters in life i wanna protect the lives of others . I want my life to be exciting . I want to join the army or at least im am thinking about i still have a couple of years to decide and as time passes by ill see where i will end up .


I'm from Milwaukee misconsin and I moved here to Dallas when I was 1 an a half . I've basically been a cheerleader all my life I love cheer and I love doing what ever I can to be in shape . I am the youngest of 3 one brother and two sisters . I've lived my life with animals so I love them so much and when i wanna become head coach of a cheer gym when I grow up and that's basically all about me
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