Bad Things Happen To Great People

Sexual Assault Is a Real, Unfortunate Issue

Currently, There Are 1,310 Students Attending Winnacunnet.

Of these students, statistics indicate there would likely be around 130 students who have been sexually assaulted. Of these 130 students, 110 would likely be female, with 20 males. Females are nearly 6 times more likely to have sexual assault committed against them, compared to their male counterparts.

It's Not Okay For Anyone, Speak Out. Of The 130 Potential Cases, Only 70 Cases Are Reported.

Some survivors of sexual assault have been known to keep silent about the crime committed, with fear of embarrassment, and fear of how people would react. Also, some may be worried for their own safety, as they could be afraid of retaliatory effects from the perpetrator. Of the estimated 110 women who had sexual assault committed against them, 72 knew the perpetrator. With men, 13 knew. 42 women were friends or relatives with their perpetrator, while 8 were for men. Remember that sexual assault in any form is a crime! All cases should be reported, whether to administrators, guidance, police, parents, or even to friends.

Sexual Assault Leaves A Huge Impact

Survivors of sexual assault not only have their bodies impacted, but also their minds and feelings. Survivors are 3 times more likely to become chronically depressed, 6 times more likely to suffer from PTSD, and are 4 times more likely to commit suicide. The impact these tragic events have on survivors are astounding.

When stressed, people generally look for things to help reduce their stress. Survivors of sexual assault are far more susceptible to deadly consequences and activities. Survivor , on average, are 13 times more likely to abuse alcohol, and become alcoholics. This is detrimental to their health, and can even kill. But even worse is the fact that, among survivors, they are 26 times more likely to become addicted to drugs and abuse them. From prescription medications, to synthetic drugs, they use what helps them forget and deal with the traumatic event, even if it puts their life in jeopardy.

Where To Find Help And Support

There are many places that people who have been impacted by sexual assault can turn to get help and support. There are guidance counselors and resource officers in schools, and police and psychiatrists outside of school, that deal specifically with this matter. In New Hampshire, there is a local organization, SASS, which is built to give people hope. They strive to find ways to help and comfort survivors and their loved ones. Nationally, there is RAINN, an organization focused on giving survivors information and help. They have anonymous chats and hotlines, made for the people who are afraid to speak out. You can also volunteer to help at either organization's website.

SASS: 1.888.747.7070

RAINN: 1.800.656.HOPE

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Please, Speak Out. There's Help. And A Life Of Relief Is Just Around The Corner.