Harmful bacteria

By: Maddy, Madison, and Kayley

What is pathogenic bacteria?

Pathogenic bacteria is harmful bacteria that causes diseases.

How can these diseases be prevented?

These diseases can be prevented by washing your hands, keeping wounds clean and covered, by not drinking contamanated water and by not breathing in someone's face while sick.

Where does harmful bacteria live?

Harmful bacteria live in soil, drinking water, food, on your own skin, in sick people, between the teeth of predators, in the claws of pets and inanimate objects.

Describe how bacteria can cause food poisoning?

Bacteria can cause food poisoning when bacteria grows in food and forms a toxin that starts a infection when you eat it. Then the bacteria digest and grows in your digestive track it makes you ill.

Types of bacteria

Some diseases that can be caused by harmful microorganism are...

Pneumaia and Tuberculosis.

They are caused by Cholera, Spirillium and Streptococcus.