Stigall Primary School

Volume 2 Issue 2 ~ September 2015

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Happy September everyone!

We've got many exciting things going on this month. We are recognizing National Children's Good Manners Month. Each morning we give a good manner tip of the day. Please take notice and see if your child is practicing them! Also, we will be celebrating International Peace Day on the 21st. This is a big day for our Montessori class but we will do activities as a school. Look for more information to come as time approaches.

We are sorry for the mix up on Picture Day. The date was changed. Our new Picture Day will be September 18.

Our students have been working so hard. Please continue what you are doing at home to reinforce what we do here. We hope you like this newsletter format. We are trying to be more tech savvy. Thanks to everyone who has signed up for the Stigall Alert! Please spread the word as we would like to have 100% of parents signed up!

Again, thank you all for the hard work. We've had a great start to this school year. Remember, we are taking it to the next level this year! Have an awesome Labor Day and Superb September!

Educationally Yours,

Mr. W.

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1) Student Arrival and Dismissal

  • Kindergarten and 1st grade students cannot be walked to class by an adult. We are teaching them independence. Please drop them off at the front of the school in the car rider lines. Do not park and come in unless you need to come to the office or have made arrangements to do so with your child's teacher. Thank you.

2) Beginning of the School Year Forms and Documentation

Please send in all documents that needed to be signed as soon as possible.

3) Misty Lewis - Counselor Connection


The Character Trait for September is Self-Control. Students are learning Calm Down techniques in Guidance and sharing ideas of things they can do to relax when they get frustrated, upset or angry. You can help your child practice self-control by giving them opportunities to practice patience, play games such as “red light, green light” (but don’t be afraid to mix it up after they master that concept), and model good self-control habits for them to see.

Excellence in education is when we do everything that we can to make sure they become everything that they can.” − Carol Ann Tomlinson

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4) PTO- Parent/ Teacher Organization

Our first PTO meeting will be Tuesday, September 15 at 6 pm. We will be discussing an overview of the PTO Calendar for the year, Canteen for Students, the Christmas store, and the Shoparoo App. Members of the Positive Behavior Team will be briefly outlining the school-wide plan for Student Behavior support and recognition and sharing tips with parents on how to help our students have a successful school year. We will also be recognizing our August Students of the Month! We are in direr NEED of parents to help us out. If you would be interested in working more closely with us this year, please let us know. Contact Jordan Fondren at Our 1st meeting will be Tuesday, September 15th @ 6:00. Thank you in advance!

5) August Students of the Month!

Na'Joyia Martin

Brooklyn Robinson

Tamia Dowell

Isabella Sutcliffe

Kip Koop

Kennedi Taylor

Charisma Holloway

Jaden Champion

Damarion Westbrook

Raylencia Washington

Trey Williamson

Bran'Zon Nunn

Craig McCurry

Sidney Sherron

Hope Banks

Tyler Cole

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6) Grandparent Luncheon Schedule- We look forward to seeing you!

10:10- Allen

10:20- Nicholas

10:30- DeLoach

10:40- Denton

10:50- Howell

11:00- Montessori

11:10- Ellis

11:20- Webb

11:30- Jackson

11:40- Ozier

11:50- Pettigrew/ Davis

12:00- Ford

12:10- Hicks

12:20- Rimmer

12:30- Shutes

12:40- Martz

  • Please come early because times are subject to be earlier than listed.
  • A form will be sent home on Tuesday requesting the name of student(s) that you will be eating with. We need these forms back by Thursday morning, September 10th. If you don't receive a form, it is ok for you to send the student's names listed on a piece of paper.
  • Your tickets will be sent home on Tuesday the 8th as well, stapled to your student's planner. Keep them and bring them with you to the luncheon. We will not replace them and you will not be able to eat without them. If you do not receive tickets, please contact the office by Wednesday.

Thank you!

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