Miss Castro's Class Newsletter

August 29th, 2013

Dear Parents,

We have had a great couple weeks of school! We are starting to transition into our subject learning and the kids are doing great. In this newsletter you can find information about what we learning, information about Lake Murray, and dates to remember.


Victoria Castro

What are we studying?

English Language Arts

Reading- We are focusing on being about to retell the important parts of a story, identify the lesson or central message of a text, and give evidence from the text that supports our answers. During this study we will be using literature webs, discussion groups and responding to open ended questions to help understand and think deeply about the text. You can go to the classroom website under the "current units of study" for examples of items we will be completing in class.

Writing- We are working on writing responses to literature that include an introduction, 3 clear reasons for our opinion, a conclusion and transitional words throughout. This is a process, but we have started learning about it this week.

Stems Study- We will begin our stems study next week. Our first week will be the stems re- (again) and sub- (under). To help students learn and use these stems in real world situations, point out the stems whenever you notice them in day to day situations/conversations and talk about how the stem helps you figure out or understand the word.


In math we working on expressing, ordering, comparing and rounding numbers. As of now I have our first test planned for next week. The test is planned for Thursday, but could be pushed to Friday depending on how well the children do with our rounding lessons. I will have the students write down the final date for the test on Monday in their agenda books and send home a study guide.

Our next math study will be on addition!

Science and Social Studies

Science: We are beginning our LIfe Science unit. We will be studying animal habitat changes, adaptations of plants and animals, life cycles, and much more! You can find activities to do at home with what we are learning in Science on the classroom webpage under the "Current units of study" tab.

Social Studies: We are currently learning the basics about South Carolina. We will be studying things like the state's natural resources, industries, where towns are located and where the river systems are located. We are completing a in class map project this week and next week! Our next study will be on the five regions.


Slush Machine: The lunch room has a new slush machine at lunch. These cost $1.00 and can be charged to the student's account as long as the charge does not put that into a negative balance.

Tall Teachers: Each Tuesday a class of USC students will be coming to our ELA classroom for 20 minutes to read with the children. The students are very excited to be reading with these future teachers!

Homework: Starting next week my homework calendar on the classroom website will be updated every Monday with the week's homework. If you need to double check what your child has for homework then just go to the classroom webpage and click the homework tab.

Dates to Remember

September 2nd- Labor Day; No School

September 3rd- MAP Testing

September 11th- MAP Testing

September 18th- Early Release Day

October 7th- Grandparent's Day