Independent Reading Book Club

Celebrating your favorite reads

Overview of Book Club

We're changing it up for independent reading time this year. Twice a semester, we'll celebrate our reads with a book club. But this isn't a book club where we all read the same book; instead, we'll all talk about our own books that we're reading.

Our first book club will be Friday, October 16, 2015.

However, you'll need to complete three activities prior to book club.

1. A visual/textual summary of the book.

This may take many forms. You have the choices below:

a) ThingLink Photo Collage. Create a ThingLink photo collage for your book (similar to the photo collages we completed at the beginning of the year.

Video: Making a Photo Collage in

Video: Making a Thing Link out of your photo collage:

b) Twitter feed. Rewrite your book in 25+ Tweets. Also create a hashtag for your book. This could be from your point of view or the point of view of a character.

c) Personal response: Write a 250+ word personal response to your reactions in the book.

2. A passage from your book

During the book club time, you'll read a 2-3 minute passage from your book. You'll want to choose one that's exciting, intriguing--but doesn't give too much away.

3. Food inspiration

What's a book celebration without food? On book club day (Friday, October 16), you'll bring a food/dish that is inspired by your book. You'll also write on a notecard why you chose the food and how it connects with your book.