Austin Roberts May 4th 1999

"Dig Down and Prove something son!" ~My Dad Marshall Roberts


Hello! My name is Austin Roberts and this paper is all about me and my life. For starters I am in a military family, with my dad serving as a Recruiter Instructor in the USMC. Because of this, we move around A LOT. I was born originally in California, but I have lived in Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, and I now live here in South Carolina. Both my parents work, with my dad constantly on the road, and my mom working part time. I also so have 2 younger siblings, my brother is 10 and my sister is 14. I drive my family crazy sometimes and they do it right back, but i love them just the same.


One of my characteristics that defines me is that I am athletic. I am almost always practicing baseball, perfecting my mechanics. And given enough time i can compete in most other sports.
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Family Oriented

My other characteristic that defines me is that I am very family oriented. I am constantly doing stuff with my family and we all have each other backs.
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Activites and Groups I am apart of:

One thing I do very often after school is participate in Baseball. Both High school ball and American Legion During the summer. I have been playing baseball ever since i was 7 and i hope to continue past High school. I also have a church Youth group i attend every Wednesday night.

Time Line: Me

2014: I made the LE highschool Baseball Team

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Time Line: My Mom 7/7/1980

2004: Gave Birth to My Brother

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Future Goals

By the year 2020 I have huge dreams. I would like to be in college getting my degree in physics. It would also be nice to be still playing baseball, but I've got to stay healthy and keep practicing for that to happen. Finally, I would like to be on my own and have my own place.
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