Defined by a fitted top, a snug waist and flared skirt, the Skater Dress is one of the most flattering dresses to own. Not only is it super easy to wear and carry off, but there are a zillion ways to style this lovely garment. You don’t need to stifle your style because whether it’s bold, edgy, girly or quirky, the skater dress will give you a figure flattering look in minutes.

We could go on and on about how you can accessorize the evergreen Skater Dress. Here are our fave pointers:

1. Blazer + Chunky Floral Necklace + Studded Bracelet – Whether you want to add a floral blazer to a self-coloured dress, or a solid coloured blazer to match a printed dress, adding one will draw attention to your waistline as well as to your jewellery. Floral accessories are a great way to bring out the flirty-ness that is inherent in a flared skirt.

2. Black Stockings + Black Booties + A Ponytail with a Bow – There’s no better way to get the gothic-cum-girly look. Paired with a skater dress, this ensemble ticks all the right boxes.

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3. Peter Pan Collar Necklace + Black Flats – Simple to pull off and easy on the wallet. You probably have these staples in your wardrobe already.
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4. Leather Jacket + Spiky Necklace + Minimal Heels – There’s something about a leather jacket and spiky necklace that gives off a “Don’t Mess With Me” vibe. While the sweetness of the skater dress and simplistic heels makes one seem very approachable, the contrast is absolutely delicious!
5. Crop Tie at the Waist Vest + Sneakers – One of our favourites! This playful take on a classic is a great way to add a layer without going the Jacket Route. The overall ensemble gives one a young, fresh, college look.
6. Hat + Glares + Belt + Multiple Bracelets + Socks + Tie Up Shoes – It looks like a lot of work, but it really isn’t, plus it’s great for wearing to outdoor events. A couple of things you should get right is matching the belt and shoes, as well as matching your dress and socks. Unless you want to look like Willy Wonka.
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A skater dress is an easy answer to throw on some style. But it’s a dream to match it up with your favourite accessories. You are spoilt for choice in the accessory department so grab your backpack, satchel, sandals and hats. Make waves with sizzling styles that stands apart from the crowd.

Have a favourite accessory? Comment below or tweet to us @StalkBuyLove and let us know how you can incorporate it with a Skater Dress.