Free to be a Child

now accepting applications for homeschoolers & preschoolers

a Reggio-inspired, home-based program

At Free to be a Child, your child will spend hours outdoors every day, have long blocks of time for free play and project work, find inspiration in our excellent children's library and well-stocked art studio, enjoy local and organic vegetarian meals, and pursue their interests with a small, mixed-age group. Won't you join us?

Free to be a Child is run by Lise McGuinness, a well-respected early childhood teacher and consultant who has been teaching young children in public and private settings for 23 years.

Free to be a Child is open Monday-Thursday from 8-4:30.

Openings for ages 3-8; two, three, or four days per week.

Home-schooling families in need of child care especially encouraged to apply.

Please come check out Free to be a Child to see if we're a match for your family!

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