Irish Immigration To Australia

Let’s immigrate To Australia!

An Irish national under 50 years, Let’s immigrate To Australia!

The Australian Skilled Migration Visa invites Irish people for skilled migrants to relocate permanently in Australia. Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship offers a program called General Skilled Migration Program that's intended for the other overseas skilled employees and experts who are not being sponsored directly by a company and are making a visa application by themselves. Just like the employer sponsored, this skilled Irish Immigration To Australia visa also stipulates that the employee has abilities and expertise in the profession that is in demand in Australia.

Skilled workers are needed in Australia immediately - more then 160,000 work opportunities are announced every week. Salaries are maximizing rapidly because of the limited availability of professional employees.

With a Skilled Independent Irish Immigration to Australia Visa, Irish people don't need to have an employment or sponsorship to live in Australia. The qualifications for the general skilled migration system for Irish are dependent on your abilities and job experience. This really is the best way for you to immigrate to Australia, when you fulfill particular migration conditions.

The Eligibility;

To be eligible for an Australia Professional Work permit, you have to fulfill the basic requirements. The basic requirements are your age, language, selected job, experience, skills, physical health, and identity. Listed below are four very important points I wana mention here;

1) The points test should be at least sixty.

2) You have to nominate a job from the provided skilled job Checklist.

3) You are under fifty years of age.

4) You are already doing work in a skilled profession for A year in the period of Two years immediately before to made your Australian Visa application.

If your application for an Irish Immigration to Australia is successfully submitted, you'll be granted different entry visas of Five years to reside as well as work in Australia.

How to get Visa RE-issuance and Citizenship?

Good news is that you only need to stay in Australia for just two out of Five years to be eligible to have the visa reissued for the next Five years. Or if you spend Four years in Australia you will be qualified to apply for citizenship.

Come and meet us! can help set you up with everything you need to start living and doing business in Australia including a bank-account, work opportunities, tax register number, tax details, a mobile SIM card, and various other entrance plans.

If you'd like to assess your chances permanent residency work permit for Australia, based on the Basic Skilled Migration points method for overseas visas, then please call Mr. Graham Copsey, world’s best Irish Immigration To Australia consultant or you can call now (+44 (0)20 7724 5556) to setup an appointment.