Minecraft Diaries

MInecraft Diaries is created by Aphmau, a YouTuber


Minecraft Diaries is a YouTube series by Aphmau a popular YouTuber. This series starts out in a vanilla Minecraft world with mods added throughout the series. MCD is a Roleplay series starring a woman named Aphmau who stumbles across a Village called Pheonix Drop she becomes the Lord and makes new friends like Garroth, her head Guard and Laurance who later becomes second Head Guard. Aphmau finds out what happened to the old Lord when a baby is left at her door, Aphmau adopts Levin, the baby left at the door, as her own son. Aphmau later meets Zeoy, a fairy elf who has healing magiks , Kawaii-chan another magiks user, Donna a healer, Logan a merchant, Kiki and Brendon who are related, Katelyn a jury of nine member, and many many more. Aphmau as the new Lord travels to other villages and makes more friends and allies to stop O'kasis and Zane who is twisted and cruel. Find out more by searching the address given: htts://www.youtube.com/user/ChallengeAcceptedInc


Aphmau's real name is Jessica or Jess, she is a YouTuber, She was married to her husband Jason who is also known as Dom in Disney World. She currently lives in Washington state with her two kids Julia and Joseph. Aphmau started playing video games at age 11 and continues to play with other YouTubers as her job, While Jessica is the main face of her channel, her husband Jason is the behind the scenes guy. They both work hard to create Aphmau Gaming successful.

Aphmau Gaming

Aphmau Gaming is a YouTube channel created by Aphmau, on it there are several different series, there is Minecraft Diaries, Pokémon, Challenge Accepted, Sassy Laywer, Minecraft Kindergarten, Mod Mod World, and much more.