Miss Hoppes' Kindergarten

Weekly Update

March 3rd through March 7th

Hello Friends! It has definitely felt like Spring outside this past week! We have new little flower sprouts growing in our garden and hopefully next week, we can plant some more vegetables. The kids are still so excited about our garden and watching the plants grow. They love checking to see what has grown overnight :) In Language Arts, we have been talking about using textual evidence while answering comprehension questions. For example, after we read a story, I ask the students some questions about the setting, characters, plot etc. and they answer those questions. Instead of just saying how they feel about the story, they are now answering questions using details from the text and citing the source. They might answer the question by saying "on page...the author wrote..." and that will answer the question. Or "the illustration shows..." and that answers the question. It's so exciting to see them critically thinking! In Social Studies we have been talking about maps, globes, location and directions. Ask your child the different between a globe and a map :) In math, we are still heavily focusing on addition story problems. They have had a fun St. Patrick's Day theme to them for March. Hopefully, we can lure a leprechaun into our classroom and try to catch him!

Housekeeping :)

I have quite a large pile of toys on my desk. I'm not quite sure how this got started, but the boys have been bringing in toys almost every day to school. This is not allowed. They become a distraction during the day and the boys end up getting in trouble. Please check their backpacks and pockets before you leave for school :)

It's officially Lent! We have been working very hard on keeping our Lenten promises to Jesus.

We are still collecting money for Pennies for Pasta for children with Leukemia! Please feel free to bring your money in to the classroom whenever you are ready.

We welcomed a new student this past week! Her name is Lillian. The students were very excited about her arrival and she is a wonderful addition to our class.

Have a fabulous weekend!!!