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March 10- 14, 2014 Update

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New merchandise for sale!

We have Teen Health Magazine merchandise for sale! We have the basic logo design on a t-shirt, tank, wall clock, tote bag, throw pillow, iPhone & iPod skin and even a shower curtain. Check out the designs now!

We also have original designs like, 'Be The Change," by Alex Pulido. In the works are custom design for our personalities. (Shining with Shelby, AISI Mike, etc.) We will keep you posted as new designs are available.

LIVE audience ticket

Tuesday, March 18th, 2-4pm

This is an online event.

Join the audience for our first LIVE broadcast.


LIVE remote audience viewing - ticket sales

Ever wonder what it takes to create a Teen Health Magazine video? Now you can watch the magic happen LIVE from your home computer. Our first behind the scenes tickets are on sale now - priced by donation. Get your audience ticket online (Price by donation) and we will email you the link when our behind the scenes video feed goes live.
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Popular articles this month on Teen Health Magazine

The screen shot, above, from Teen Health Magazine shows some of our recent popular posts. We can see how many page views have been recorded for each post. Now sure what page views are? A page view is an instance of an Internet user visiting a particular page on a website.

Here are links to our recent poplar pages:

Ask Sammy (THM) Quit Smoking!

online video schedule

Send our video production crew a time request for your next video episode shoot using our new online form. Visit the SCHEDULE page online to see the calendar and fill out the request form.

We are Teen Health Magazine

Max Mondol Quote: “Our mission is to create a reliable magazine and online community that can be utilized by youth, parents and schools. Our magazine and online community will provide articles and videos with up to date information on topics ranging from health & fitness, to social issues, self-improvement, relationships, getting into college, recruiting, sports-recruiting, music, fashion, etc. It will be easily accessible via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social networks. Simply put, our goal is to make life easier for youth, to keep them informed, and to have some fun while helping people deal with things in today’s fast pace world.”