Bill Of Rights

Coach William Period 5 December 19,2014

By: Emelin Miranda

What Are The Bill Of Rights ?

The Bill of Rights are the rights that a citizen has. It also protects citizens.

Bill 1: Freedom Of Speech , The Press , And Religion

The first amendment is basically saying that you have the right to protests, and freedom of speech. You can worship any religion wanted.

Court case #1: Ramos V. Town of Vernon

*Argued that it created a curfew for public safety reasons. the curfew was declared unconstitutional in Ramos V. Town of Vernon

Bill 2: The Right To Bear Arms

Citizens are allowed to protect themselves by using arms. People can also serve in the military for their country.

Court Case #2: Blis V. Common Wealth

*The Kentuky supreme court agreed with Bliss. It said that state could not limit the kind of weapons a citizen could have.

Bill 3: The Right To Privacy In The Home

No soldier may enter your house without permission and demand things.

Court Case #3: Anthony Mitchell V. Neveda

*Officers then arrested Anthony for obstructing a police officer. Henderson(Neveda) police arrested a family for refusing to let a officer use their home.

Bill 4: Unreasonable Search And Seizure

No police may enter your house without a permission and they have to tell you were they are going to search inside your house.

Court Case #4: Arizona V. Evans:

*Court decieded to extend the good faith rule in this case and allowed the evidence to stand. Found that even though a warrant was issued in error.

Bill 5: Double Jeopardy, Self-Incrimination, And Due Process

It means that in order to be accused there has to be enough evidence. The government may not take anything away. He/She has to pay for it.

Court case #5:Miranda V. Arizona

*Ruling did not specifically define"interrogation" The court did not address whether or not his due process rights had been violated.

Bill 6: The Rights Of The Accused Criminal Cases

When someone is charged with crime. Their case has to be taken immediately. Have right for a lawyer. Their court can not be a secret it has to be public.

Court Case #6:Barker V. Wingo

*Willie Mae Barker was arrested for murder in 1758. Brought to trial until 1963. Defendant claimed the right, and whether time affects the outcome of the case.

Bill 7: The Rigth To A Jury Trial

When you have a trial that involves lots of money it can not be brought up again in any court.

Court case #7: Katz V. united states

*Placing of warrants less wiretap on a public phone booth. public phone booth used by Katz were illegal. Evidence against him should be supported.

Bill 8 : Preventing Cruel And Unusual Punishment.

You shouldnt be punished more than your crime. you should only be punishsed by how big your crime was.

Court case #8: Robinson V. California

*Also marks the first instance when the supreme court ruled that the 14th amendment covered cruel and unusual punishment. court has not yet ruled that the 14 amend. applies to bail and fines.

Bill 9: Rights Retained By The People

These are not the only rights people have, the goernment may take any rights from the people.

Court case #9: Roe V. Wade

*Wanted to have the abortion law overturned. the judges in the case stated that "The texas abortion law must be declared unconstitutional"

Bill 10: Limiting Federal Powers

If the constitution doesn't say that a state can not do this, then the state has the right to do so.

Court Case #10:Printz V. united states

* Requiring fire arms dealers to track transfers of handguns indeed unconstitutional