6CO2+6H2O--->C6 H12 O6+6O2

The Process

Photosynthesis is the process plants go through to gain its nutrients and provide us with oxygen. Just like humans, plants use energy too. The sun is the ultimate source of energy used for this process. Photosynthesis occurs in the chloroplast which is located in the leaves or petals of the plant. The function of photosynthesis is to capture the energy and store it in the sugars. The reactants- water and carbon dioxide combine to form a 6Carbon sugar and oxygen-the products.

Cellular Respiration=C6 H12 06+602--->6CO2+6H2O

Cellular respiration is the process that happens in both animal and plant cells. It is the breaking down of oxygen and glucose to release energy called ATP. This energy is used for various purposes and mechanics. The reactants for photosynthesis are the products for cellular respiration and the products for photosynthesis are the reactants for cellular respiration.
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