Rich Hill

The story of three boys pushing to produce decency in life.

Message the film expresses:

The idea of the film was to show the audience multiple examples of poverty in Rich Hill and what those families do to make it through their days of struggle. The struggles of the film's subjects are exposed as the audience is able to see what they must go through in everyday tasks as well as what they have already been through. On top of the struggles, the film reveals the conditions of the subjects which adds onto the already rough complications in an effort to show the audience just how challenging their situations are.

The Boys


The documentary's purpose is to show the severity of the boy's poverty in order to inform the audience of just how unfortunate some families are specifically in Rich Hill, as well as everywhere else.
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Achieving the Purpose

The directors of the film achieved their purpose as they produced moments that left the audience feel complete sorrow for the boys, making them understanding of the misery in Rich Hill. Utilizing all three of the boys, each had their own situation that played a part in the directors proving the purpose.

1) Andrew was the most innocent of the three, making the audience have a soft spot for him. That sets up the upset, as his continuous moving due to financial difficulties shows the audience his problem.

2) Harley has a clear problem in which he tries to stay calm in such a tough atmosphere, but his disorders prevent him from doing so. On top of that, he is forced to live his tough life without his mother who he loves, which was evident during his phone call with her.

3) Appachey is an obvious hot head, but when his plot in the movie ended he was being sent to a juvenile center for his behavior. Even with his anger problems, the audience is forced to feel sorrow for him as his close relationship with his mother is shown right before he is sent away.

In conclusion......

The overall feeling following the film was that I became more open minded about those who are less fortunate and now partly understand how they are forced to live. The movie definitely made me more concerned and thoughtful on the subject of poverty. It has forced me to have a new perspective when I am not happy about my situation, as I know it can always be worse.